What Does a Plumber Do?

Most people assume that plumbers should only be called out if there is a water leak or your drains are clogged. However, there are some other jobs that you should call a plumber to handle. Surprisingly, there are many homeowners who do not know when they should call a plumber for something other than a water leak.

plumbers can fix hot water heatersHot Water Heaters

A lot of homeowners may assume that when their hot water heater breaks they need to call an electrician. This is actually a misconception because plumbers are actually the professionals you should be calling. A water heater works with your home’s electrics and the plumbing system. Calling a plumber is recommended because they understand how the water heater will affect the plumbing and they will be able to fix the underlying problems.

Sewer Lines and Blocked Drains

If anything happens to your sewer line, the first thought is usually to call the local council to deal with this. However, before you contact the council, you need to consider where the problem is. If the sewer line problem is out in the street, then the council needs to look at it, but if the problem is on your property then the problem is yours.

In cases where the line leading from the street to your home is affected a plumber will need to be called. Sewer leaks and blocked drains are all problems that a general plumber i.e. ASAP Drains will be able to help you with.

Gas Lines

Problems with gas lines are where most homeowners are tricked in regards to who they should contact. Most people assume that they will need to contact the local gas company, but they might not be as cooperative as you might imagine. If you smell gas, you should actually call your plumber because to gain master plumber status a professional will need to have a master gas fitter license.


If you are hit by a flood, then you might not know who you should be calling. While you need to contact your insurance, you also need to sort out all the water that is on your property. To do this, you have to call a plumber as they will be able to remove the water from the home with pumps.

If your flooding has not been caused by a natural disaster, then a plumber will be able to determine what caused the flooding. They will also be able to rectify the problem to stop the water from flowing into the house.

The Rule Of Thumb

If you are unsure about whether a plumber can help you with a problem, there is a general rule that you could follow. Carefully consider the problem you have and determine whether there are any pipes involved. If there are then, you should be using a plumber and if there are not then a different professional should be called.

There are some jobs that a plumber can help you with. These include gas leaks, sewer line problems if they are on your property and fixing your water heater.