Carpet vs Vinyl Plank Flooring

Considering new flooring in your home and don’t know whether to choose vinyl plank flooring or carpeting? Here are some of the pros and cons of each to help you make a choice:

1. Vinyl Plank Flooring

This flooring option is the most popular at the moment as it comes with loads of benefits. It’s cheap, easy to install, easy to clean and durable making it ideal for all areas of the home. Damaged plants can be easily replaced individually. Laminate flooring is also aesthetically pleasing.vinyl plank flooring

The greatest disadvantage is that it can be hard and cold, especially during the winter months. However, this problem is easily solved with area rugs and underfloor or central heating.

Although installation is simple, it will be necessary to get an underlay to help dampen sound and prevent damage. It is recommended to pay the additional cost for professional installation instead of the D-I-Y option.

Incorrect cleaning can also lead to warping and damage to the floorboards. It is essential to read and follow the manufacturer’s care instructions to prevent this from happening.

It is advisable not to select the cheapest vinyl plank flooring on the market. This can lead to problems with installation and will result in the flooring not being as durable as claimed. Always ensure that the flooring comes with a guarantee.

2. Carpeting

Carpeting is simply not as trendy a floor covering as it once was. Although it has high aesthetic value, it is often costly to install carpets that are durable and provide the comfort and style desired. It is also not ideal for all areas of the home, especially the kitchen, bathrooms and high traffic areas. Carpets will need to be professionally installed preferably according to Joshua Baxter from Gold Coast Carpets supplier and layer, Evolved Luxury Floors.

But Perhaps the greatest pitfall is keeping carpets clean. Daily vacuuming, spot cleaning, and regular deep cleaning are necessary to keep them looking new and eliminate health hazards such as dust mites.

This doesn’t mean that carpeting does not have it’s placed in the home. Bedrooms are the ideal space to the carpet and will create a cozy and comfortable space. Homes without pets and children can use carpeting to a greater degree.

So which is better for your home?

This is largely dependent on the amount you want to spend on your flooring and the area in your home where you need the carpet installed. It is recommended to use the vinyl plank flooring throughout the home and carpeting only in the bedrooms.

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